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APA LA at Canon Presents: Atypical Self-Publishing


The past few years have seen profound change in the publishing industry. Economic realities, new technologies and the changing face of digital media have all rocked the long established traditional print avenues. Photographers are being asked to do more and more, and often times are asked to foot not only the bulk of the publishing bill but most of the marketing and advertising as well. With these challenging realities emerged the first real face of independent publishing. For the first time ever self-publishing became a viable means for a significant number of artists, both known and unknown, and in many cases became the “first-choice” option. If the artist is paying for the book, why not retain total control by publishing independently?

But why look at things through a traditional filter? Today’s tools allow for a brand of “Atypical Publishing” which provides artists with newfound freedom and the chance to make a new style of fluid publication. Instead of being locked in on ONE publishing avenue the modern photographer can tell a story with numerous publications each showcasing a unique style and attitude. Think small book, large book, magazine and Ebook. From high-end, fine-art materials to lo-fi Zine style publications the modern photographers has more options and ability than ever before.

-how to make the RIGHT book and not the book you think you are supposed to make

-making multiple books at multiple price points for multiple audiences

-how to use book, magazine, ebook

-trade books and how they can effective

-realities of illustrated books in general

-how atypical publishing leads to a far more enjoyable creative life




Wed 09th Dec, 2015 


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Canon Hollywood

6060 W. Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028

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One Night Stand - APA LA Success Team Group Show




 Saturday, Dec 5th, 2015

 Santa Monica Art Studios

 3026 Airport Ave

 Santa Monica, Ca 90405


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Printing is the key final step in the photographic workflow. It has been overlooked in the era of the mobile screen…. but it is more essential than ever in providing a real-world proof of what your image looks like, without the seductive adaptation of the eye to a glowing screen. It is also the process by which your image becomes a real artifact - whether art or document - no longer fleeting, but permanent and persistently visible. 

Printing on inkjet printers can rival and exceed the quality of traditional chromogenic materials - and can be performed in you own home or office - but obtaining a good print is harder than you think!

This 4-hour seminar will follow step-by-step the complete workflow of local expert printer Eduardo Citrinblum, with presentations by Canon printing pro Arthur Van Dover and commercial retoucher Dennis Dunbar. Covered will be color management,  the choice of an appropriate paper and profile, proofing, setting black and white points, improvements to shadow detail and mid-tone contrast, and color correction. Dennis will also discuss optimizing masks for perfect transitions, and Eduardo will explain optimum output sharpening.

This panel of three professionals will be moderated by George Simian, and time will be allotted to answering questions. Test prints on Canon’s pro printers will illustrate the progress from the initial proof to the finished print!

If you take your work seriously, don’t miss this in-depth seminar on the key final product of the photographic process!


 JAN 16, 2016 10AM-2PM


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